About Me

Hey! Im Joy, 29, from the Philippines, happily married to a wonderful English man. Food is my greatest passion and I often dream of starting a restaurant or some chic cafe with delicious bites. Food doesn’t just fill our guts and sates our hunger, it also gives comfort, excitement, and warmth, brings people together and creates special memories. There’s nothing more human than sharing good food with the people you enjoy being with. So I hope in this blog, you will feel all those things as I lay to you my food adventures.
My other love is travel. I have traveled to quite a few islands in the Philippines and I feel so proud that my country is packed with so many beautiful pieces of paradise. I began travelling abroad in 2013 and soon started collecting a treasure trove of precious experiences. I’m fascinated and exhilarated by the new things travel gives me. I have pages of tales to tell; happy, funny, sad, exhilarating, challenging, heartbreaking, breathtaking, you name it.
Other than food and travel interests, I also play the guitar, read books, hit the gym (Muay Thai and boxing), and of course, because I like to document my food and travel I also love photography and am currently enjoying capturing aerial drone shots.