In the last four years, I have been applying for Saudi Arabian visas to visit my husband working in the Kingdom. So far, all my visa applications were granted. Basically, the initial application was done by my husband online through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who issues the pre-approval visa slip. This document alongside with my passport, proof of kinship (marriage certificate) were given to my agent for visa stamping. The latter document has to be authenticated in DFA and the Saudi Embassy in Manila thru East West Placement in Makati. The stamping took three days then I was good to go.

VFS TasHeel  in the Philippines

However, in my recent resident visa application, I was told by my agent that there have been changes in the visa stamping procedure. Personal appearance of the applicant is required for bio metric enrollment that includes collection of finger prints, facial image and other biographic details reflected on the applicant’s passport. VFS TasHeel Visa Service Centers have offices in Manila, Cebu and Davao. The above mentioned centers will process various categories of visa permits including resident, educational, personal, commercial visits etc., with the exception of Hajj, Umrah and Work visas.

Listed below is the complete list of resident visa requirements:

  • Original and copy of the passport.
  • Passport should be valid for at least six months.
  • Passport must contain at least two blank facing pages.
  • Passport must not contain any restriction and authorizes its holder to return to the issuing country.
  • 2 recent photos with white background. The photograph size should be 2 inch x 2 inch (51 mm x 51 mm), no uniform, with white background, and frontal view, and should not be more than 3 months old
  • Enjaz Form, filled by the Visa Service Center and signed by the Applicant.
  • Residence visa slip or its copy containing visa number and date of its issuance. The validity of residence visa is one (1) year effective from the date of its issuance in the Kingdom. Arabic translation showing on the right side should be evident on the document.
  • Proof of kinship or marital relationship (marriage contract with regards to wife, birth certificates for children), duly authenticated by the Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs and Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Manila. The age of the children should not exceed (18) years old and the daughters should not be married.
  • Valid Medical Certificate issued by one of the medical centers accredited by the Embassy. Children whose ages are below (12) years are exempted from medical examinations.

For details about other visa types, please visit

The initial steps of my application were done by my husband. He had our authenticated marriage certificate and his degree certificates attested and translated in Saudi Arabia. He was charged 200 SAR ~ PhP 2,800. He then submitted all the documents to his company’s liaison officer for processing. The application fee cost was 2000 SAR ~ 28,000 PhP.

In two weeks time, we got the Pre-approval Visa slip (this will be one of the documents needed for visa stamping).

Next step was obtaining my medical certificate in the Philippines which took just over a week. It cost me roughly PhP 5000 on all medical tests.

Here is the list of the accredited clinics in the Philippines:

American Outpatient Clinic
Angelina Apostol-Punzalan Medical Clinic
Angelus Medical Clinic
Arguelles Medical Clinic
Cebu Physicians Diagnostic Services Center Inc,
Christian E. Cango Medical Clinic & Laboratory
Davao Physicians Diagnostic Services Center Inc,
HYATT Diagnostic System Inc,
International Diagnostic Center
L-R Medical & X-ray Clinic Inc.
Mabini Medical Clinic, Inc
Medisense Laboratory Center, Inc. Manila 1
Medisense Laboratory Center, Inc.Cebu Branch 2
Medisense Laboratory Center, Inc. Davao Branch 3
Medisense Laboratory Center, Inc. Bacolod Branch 4
My Health Clinic
Our Lady of Fatima Medical Clinic
Philippine Medical Test System
Physicians Diagnostic Services
RGO Laboratory and Industrial Diagnostic Center Inc,
Safeway Diagnostic Services
SM Lazo Medical Clenic, Inc.
St. Martin Polycinic, Inc.
St. Patrick’s Healthcare System
St. Peter-Paul Medical Clinic, Inc
St. Peter-Paul Medical Clinic, Inc. Cebu Branch
YGEIA Medical Center. Inc.

Booking an Appointment

It was time to book my appointment! Luckily, if you are living close to one of the visa centers mentioned above then you dont have to travel far like I did. Although I was close to Davao and Cebu but the posting time of my passport would take another 7-10 days because they have to send it to Manila office and then back. I was really short of time because I had my flight to Saudi Arabia booked on the 1st of February.

Anyway, they have a lounge service should you want to avoid long queues, like myself. 😉 They had nice soft seats and give you a drink or two. I noticed they have put  Wi-Fi access too in the lounge service facility whilst booking my appointment online but ironically, all phones have to be turned off upon entering the center.

Service Fees

Normal         PhP 2,651.00

Lounge         PhP 4,307.00

Please note though that the type of service does not affect the length of visa stamping.

My appointment went painless and done in less than an hour. The staffs were so friendly too.

Note: Dependents below six-years old dont need personal appearance.

Now, this is the crazy thing. I forgot to inform the clinic who issued my medical certificate to upload my files in the system as instructed by the VFS personnel who managed my application. I did not realize this until two days after my appointment date. This caused a little delay to the visa stamping procedure. I was frantic about the possibility of missing my flight, two flights in fact.

So, I had to contact the courier service (2GO) to track my parcel containing my passport and fortunately they were able to fish it out my parcel from the plane in NAIA. I was instructed to pick up my passport in their office in Pasay. It was literally just hours before my flight to Saudi! Crikey! Oh well the odds were still in my favor. Thank you universe!

HORRAY! Im now back in Saudi with my luvva!

P.S I have been encountering enquiries about a personal agent who could process their visa applications for Saudi Arabia in Her details listed below;

Olybel Laus 


mobile: +63 999 884 1489

98 thoughts on “Visa Stamping: VFS TASHEEL PHILIPPINES”

  1. Hello Maam.. is it necessary to authenticate the medical certificate in DFA before I proceed to Tasheel? Thank you so much! 😊

  2. Hi Maam.
    I just want to ask if the accredited clinic needs endorsement/slip before you take medical exam for visa stamping? We just receive our pre approval slip.And its not necessary to bring my son for medical right? hear from you.godbless

  3. hi, nice to know your experiences with tasheel coz ill be applying too soon. can you give me one clinic near to visa service center in manila. and is it ok to do the medical first before booking an appointment. thank you so much.

    1. Hi Sheena! Thanks for reading. I am not quite sure which accredited clinic is closest to VFS Centre Manila. However, you can check online the address of the listed clinics on my blog. You may book an appointment first but make sure you have enought time to do your medical test (which usually takes 3-7 days) before the appointment date. However, I would recommend you do the medical procedure then book your appointment. 🙂

  4. Hello, I hope you can answer my question in time. If the reason for visiting Saudi is because of an immediate family member having serious medical condition, would the process be the same? does Tasheel have any type special process for this types of travel?

    1. Hi Jay, sorry to hear about that and I hope all will be well. I am not sure. In my case, it took 5 days on the Visa Stamping. Its best you contact Ms Olybel Laus, she was my agent and she still helps and guides Saudi visa applicants. Her contact details are on my article. Alternatively, you may contact VFS Tasheel directly via email to address your concern.

  5. Hi ma’am/sir how much its cost/payment when i stamp my passport to Riyadh Saudi? I have visa already visiting visa. The employer of my mother get me a visa in Saudi now am asking do i need to pay here in manila for stamping my passport? Hopping your sonnets reply . Thank u and god bless.

  6. Hello… bale 4,307 lng po ang gastos nyo dto sa pinas pra sa stamping tapos ung 2,000sr sa saudi na po un? Balak ko po kunin 3yrs old kong anak need nya rin po ba magpamedical?bale pag ok n ang stamping pwdr n magpabook ng flight?ma nga ilang days po un? Thank you

    1. Hi Patricia, yes 4307PhP for stamping (lounge service), however they also have standard service which is cheaper. There are medical fees on top of the stamping cost, I paid about 5000PhP on mine. The Visa Stamping takes 3-5 days if you’re applying in Manila office, it may take 3-5 days longer if you apply in Davao or Cebu offices. Medical tests arent required for dependents 6 six years and below. Yes you can book your flight as soon as you have your visa stamped on your passport. All the best!

      1. hi po what if daughter ko no need ng medical kasi 2 years old palang. is it going to be deducted sa amount or the same?

        and do we need personal appearance?

      2. Hi JB, no, that amount is for each applicant in VFS Tasheel. This fee is the appointment fee not medical. You need to appear personally for bio metric procedure however your daughter doesnt need to. 🙂

      3. thanks tales!

        one more question po, when applying for an appointment which details should i put mine or my daughters details po? thanks!

  7. Mam bakit sabi po eh 33 to 35k daw po babayran.. ang alam ko po kc ung visa kme n bbyad dto sa saudi prang lumalabas e doble kc mgbbyad nnmn sa pinas?thank u po

      1. hello.. ask ko po sana ulit need po ba pmunta ng anak ko sa tasheel for biometrics? my son is 3 yrs old. thank you

      2. Hi Patricia, sorry, your son doesnt have to appear for bio metric procedure. But he has to pay the appointment fee. I just spoke to a friend who went and said dependents below 6years old dont need personal appearance. 🙂

      3. Mam can i kindly ask what normally will be the agent’s service? Will it be just the transactions with the embassy and document support? The visa stamping and medical fees will be separately taken cared from my side.

      4. Hi Neil, I would do the application myself through VFS TASHEEL as you will still need to appear personally on the appointment day for bio metry. I only hired an agent before as VFS TASHEEL wasnt operating yet and applicants werent allowed to go personally to the embassy, only accredited agents. With VFS, all the transactions (submission of documents, payments and visa stamping) are done by applicants on the appointment date. Just have your medical tests/certificate sorted before booking your appointment. I did it myself and it was painless and less expense. 😀 However, feel free to contact my personal agent to find out the services offered. Contact details listed at the bottom of my blog.

  8. I’m planning to get my wife a resident VISA and she still here in KSA for visit. During our vacation this coming August we will process all the required documents. I just want to confirm for resident visa if you still need endorsement or referral slip from the VFS Tasheel to get medical certificate. Another, what medical test did you undertake. It fasting is required and did you give them stool for the laboratory. Thank you for the clarification.

    1. Hi, you dont need any endorsement from VFS tasheel to obtain the medical certificate. The tests were Physical Examination, xray, urinalysis, stool analysis and psychology test. All the best for you and your wife. 🙂

  9. Hi Mam! My friend needs to get a MULTIPLE ENTRY COMMERCIAL VISIT VISA valid for 180 days just for a business meeting that she needs to attend to. I’m here in Jeddah and the our company is the one who is going to invite her to get here. Do you have any idea what could be the process for applying the visa? Or if you know someone or an agency who can help her out?Been trying to check online some process but I’m kinda lost. Any response will be much appreciated.

  10. Hi maam

    We have our marriage certificate authenticated from DFA philippines 5 years ago, can i still use it? Thank you

      1. That is great, it will save money and time. By the way the marriage cert is issued by the NSO and authenticated and since they have changed it to PSA, do they require for a new one? Thanks, once again.

    1. Sorry i have to ask again, my Son (2yrs old) is born in Saudi, does his birth cert. need to be authenticated too. Thanks again

      1. Im not sure about this matter Connie. Sorry. :/ But you can email the VFS TASHEEL office. Or you can ask Ms Oly Laus, my agent before as she might be able to help you. Her contact details are posted on my blog. 🙂

  11. Hi, just want to ask if do I need a medical referral for residence visa? I just visited safeway diagnostics earlier and I was advised to get a referral from an agency. But when I asked VFS Tasheel they told me they don’t have referral and just go directly at their accredited clinics. Lastly our appointment will be on wednesday and today is saturday. Will it be alright if the medical certificate will be followed? Thanks for the response!

    1. Hi Florie! I wasnt required of a medical referral when I did the medical for my Visa application. I had it in Philippine Diagnostics Center in Cagayan de Oro. They shouldnt be asking you for a referral if youre appling for a resident/dependent visa. However, VFS Tasheel requires the medical certificate on your appointment date.

      1. Ya! I was thinking about that because at first when I told the attendant that I need to have a medical for residence visa he asked her workmate then returned that there’s a need for confirmation so I was thinking (what kind of confirmation?) But just to finish the conversation I said “yes” then he went back to her colleague and told me that I need an agency. So I said “why?” Even if its for residence visa. He said yes. So Im planning to have my medical in other clinic cause I believe they don’t know what they were doing.

  12. hi po, magtanong lang po kung dun sa sa vfs tasheel un na po ba ang visa stamping? pag narelease po ung passport sa applicant galing sa vfs tasheel, ok na po yun ibig sabihin stamp na ung visa namin or kailangan pa pumunta ng saudi embassy para sa visa stamping? Kasi may nagsabi sa amin dati na 350 dollars ang babayaran sa visa stamping. Sa vfs tasheel ang binayaran po namin 3k plus lang. salamat

    1. Hi Juliene, yes, the passport stamping will be facilitated by VFS TASHEEL. They will forward your passport to the Saudi Embassy for stamping should there be no problems with your application. The embassy will then forward your passport back to VFS TASHEEL for collection or will be delivered at your address if you opt for a courier service. Then your good to go! 😀

  13. Hi, I will be applying for a business man visit. Do I need a DFA and Saudi Embassy authenticated Certificate of Employment? I already have a visa approval letter from our partners in Dubai.

  14. good day mam, what if i lost my vfs tasheel receipt. could i still apply for my visa? or could i request a copy from vfs tasheel? thank you

    1. Hi Hazel. Im not quite sure what you meant buy the VFS Tasheel receipt is issued on the day of your visa application appointment. However, you should be able to obtain a copy of your receipt, just give them the necessary details of your application or appointment reference number. Hope that helps.

      1. Thanks mam. I have again another question. Can biometrics be done twice?
        I had it done last March 2018. My work visa was processed and was deployed to KSA last April 2018 then i had my exit and returned back to Philippines last July 2018.
        I am reapplying to same company with a different job offer. Do i still need to undergo again biometrics or I will just present a copy of my previous VFS tasheel invoice receipt? Thank You for your patience Ma’am. God bless You!

  15. Thanks mam. I have again another question. Can biometrics be done twice?
    I had it done last March 2018. My work visa was processed and was deployed to KSA last April 2018 then i had my exit and returned back to Philippines last July 2018.
    I am reapplying to same company with a different job offer. Do i still need to undergo again biometrics or I will just present a copy of my previous VFS tasheel invoice receipt for my work visa application? Thank You for your patience Ma’am. God bless You!

      1. Thank You for your kindness Mam. I just want to inform you, im done with my biometrics and my visa is on process already. Thank You very much! God bless you.

  16. hi magtatanong lang po ulit, naibigay na po sa amin ung passport with visa. Ang application po namin ay permanent resident visa. Yun lang po ba ang kailangan na document pagpunta sa Saudi wala na po bang ibang documents na kailangan na ibigay sa immigration sa saudi aiport, passport with visa lang po ba? salamat.

  17. Is it necessary na may stamp ng saudi embassy yung sa ched, marriage cert and birth cert to comply dun sa visa slip na manggagaling sa saudi? Thanks in answer.

      1. Hello po. Ask ko lang po if need po ba magpaappointment before going to VFS TasHeel? Ano po ba dapat unahin, ung pagpapamedical or going to VFS po muna? Thank you for the response.

  18. Hi… Just want to ask regarding the medical certificate. What do you mean by “uploading it to the system”? Does it mean the hard copy of med cert is not enough? What if in case the clinic doesn’t know how to upload that in VFS? I’m planning to do it in My Health Clinic but according to their staff..they will only give e the certificate, which means that’s all they can offer with regards to my visa application. By the way, your blog is so nice and is very helpful to my queries. Keep it up! 🙂

    1. Hi Net, that means your clinic has to be affliated with VFS TASHEEL so they can upload the soft copy of your medical details. Yes, by the sound of things, the med cert wasnt enough. Its great to hear my bog has helped! Gratias 🙂

  19. Hi, I read your blog and I have one question. am currently working here in KSA, my wife and I are planning to bring our sons here. I just want to know if they allow any relatives to submit all documents needed for Visit visa stamping? if yes, do you have idea if what documents I will provide?

    1. Hi Cris, thanks for reading my blog. Your sons have to go to VFS TASHEEL personally for biometry procedure, facial recognition and so on. However, if they are minors, any relative should be allowed to accompany them. Otherwise, it has just to be them. Please note that submission of all the required documents is done on the same day of the appointment.

      1. I have 4 & 2yrs old. so no need for them to visit VFS tasheel. my concern is they will allow my cousin to submit/process all documents in my behalf? am planning to go back to Philippines once visa stamping are done because i will book them here before i go home.

      2. I am not sure about your cousin doing the work. But there shouldnt be any problem as you and your wife are not in the country. Just make sure your cousin has the relevant documents on the appointment day ie valid ids, authorization letter, you and your wife’s passport copies. But then, again check with the VFS Tasheel support, just in case.

    2. I made my application early this year, they might have made any changes in the system. If you please, you can contact my agent (details at the bottom of my blog) she might be able to tell you some recent updates should there be any. Or email VFS office directly, web link also listed on my blog.

  20. hello, hope you’re still replying to messages until today. Few (silly) questions actually:
    1. Is the mode of payment really just cash in VFS TasHeel?
    2. In the security regulations, it stated that no bag is allowed. “..Only a plastic bag containing your application related papers would be permitted..”. Can we not bring lady bags ‘coz im thinking about the money we need to bring considering its a huge wad of cash.
    Your reply will be really helpful! 😊

    1. Hi,

      1. Yes cash payments only in VFS
      2. Only valuable documents are allowed inside ie: phones, wallets and your requires documents. Bags will be deposited in the locker room unless you bring someone with you to look after you other belongings.
      Put yout cash in a separate envelope if you can, although they might let you go through with your lady bag, just inform the security guards.

      1. Hi, I did not do that as I wasnt required. Only my marriage certificate was attested. However, my husband who was my sponsor was required to have his degree attested during the initial procedure of applying for my visa in the Kingdom.

      2. Thanks a lot for the help! I’ve just had my visa processed this afternoon. For me, lounge is really the best way to go (if your willing to forego ~2k). Not much queueing, has aircon’d waiting room, and faster lanes (done in a bit more than an hour). But I should also say that there are additional fees that aren’t listed in the appointment letter (medical insurance, vat, etc). It’s safer to carry with you few thousands more than your total required payment. 3k should be safe. I asked them why they don’t have this disclaimer that there are additional costs we need to incur, and they just politely agreed that they are still developing their system. Hope this few glitches can be improved. Overall, thunbs up for the lounge service! 🙂

      3. Yay! Youre welcome. Oh dear that must be new as I didnt have to pay anything else but the appointment fee when I went early this year. I should update my blog and add this helpful information to future applicants. Thank you! All the best to you!!!

  21. Good eve ma’am. Ask ko po kung may online booking po ba para sa appointment sa vfs? I have a 6month old baby with me going to saudi so 2 appointment po ba ung need ko kunin? Thanks.

  22. Hi, do you need the pre approval visa slip or so called yellow slip prior to undergo medical test or you can do it without the yellow slip.
    Please help.

    Thanks in advance

  23. hi tuttifruiti, I saw you blog very enlightening. I am a former expat from Riyadh for 4 years and my husband was also working in Riyadh as well. It has been 8 months now that I am staying here in the Philippines, my husband was planning to bring me back to KSA via a family visit visa before I go to another country. There are lots of things I wanted to know, if its alright with you if you could share your knowledge?
    Here are some of my confusions:
    1. I was really planning to process the visa myself to save or is it really necessarily needed an agent to process the visa?
    2. I have all my document stamped and authenticated from my previous work in KSA together with my MC, so it is still valid?
    3. Regarding the medical certificate, I still have a valid medical certificate to be expired by Dec 5,2018 since i tried to apply back to an agency for KSA work but due to another oppurtunity I backed out and pulled out my papers. Do you think it would be a problem if my medical be still under PEME (Pre-Employment Medical Examination)?
    4. Regarding visa fee, am I the one to pay for it here in the Philippines or is it my husband to be the one paying for it?
    5. Lastly, I have confusion, because my husband already have sent me a family visa referral number, however in the website it also needed an invitation which are different paper. Is it really necessary? How to get that kind of invitation paper?.

    I really do apologize for this long inquiry. I hope you find a spare time to answer. Your response will be appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Hi Mylin, okay Ill try answer your enquiries as numbered;

      1. Visa applications for KSA since November 2017 are done through VFS Tasheel on appointment basis. So yes, you can do it yourself, its pretty painless and no, you dont necessarily need an agent as your personal appearance in VFS Tasheel is required, also agents will cost you more. I did mine myself and it was smooth and Ive learned a lot from it that’s why I made this blog for people who will find this handy.

      2. Yes. They are all valid.

      3. Just to be on the safe side, secure another medical certificate that states that you are on a visit visa. Besides, your current one will soon expire, it has to be valid for at least six months, so just as well.

      4. Your appointment fee has to be paid in VFS Tasheel on the day of you appontment. Please bring spare cash at least. PhP3000.00, incase there are other fees incurred.

      5. Invitation paper. I think you meant the Pre-approval visa slip (its a yellow form). You need to get a copy of this, print it and bring it with you on your appontment date as its a primary requirement. You can get it through Mofa website, just ask your husband for the ID number or application/referral number.

      All the best.

  24. Hi tales.. my husband is working in saudi arabia and he want me to go and visit.. he send me already the visa approval paper.. do u have idea about the requirements for tourist or visit visa? Also the fees? Do i need to have appointment first before i go to tasheel just to inquire? And last question, is psa birthcertificate need to bring to dfa for redribbon? Thanks and Godbless..

    1. Hi Zaza, yes the requirements are mentioned on my blog, please take time to read it as Ive put all the helpful information possible including appointment booking and fees. You will not be accommodated in VFS office(s) unless you have your appointment booked plus all the documents needed. For enquiries, you may email them, website also on my blog. 🙂

      Lastly your birth certificate needs be red ribboned by DFA first then further authentication by Saudi Embassy through EastWest Placement in Makati. You have to do that personally and itll take at least 3 working days. If you need a hand on this, you may contact my agent, Ms Oly Laus, contact details indicated at the end of my blog. I hope i have answered your quuestions. All the best.

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